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Achilles Inflatable Boats



Self-Bailing River Boats



Self-bailing system, fully wrapped, reinforced floors, lace-in thwarts, generous D-rings, frame wear patch... nothing has been overlooked in producing these "top-of-the-line" boats. Still, they are extremely lightweight for easy carrying and transporting. You won't find a stronger, better-built riverboat ready to go to work for you. RV-126 Length: 12'6" Tube Diameter: 18" Weight: 129 lbs. Person Capacity: 7 Thwart Diameter: 12" Thwart Type: BAT-Attach No. of Thwarts: 2 No. of Chambers4+2+Floor Center Width/Length: 37"/42" Bow/Stern Rise: 28"/28" Tube/Floor Material:840d/840d % Floor Wrap: Full No. D-Rings: 13 Frame Wear Patch: Yes RV-140 Length: 14'0" Tube Diameter: 20" Weight: 159 lbs. Person Capacity: 9 Thwart Diameter: 14" Thwart Type: BAT-Attach No. of Thwarts: 3 No. of Chambers: 4+3+Floor Center Width/Length: 40"/54" Bow/Stern Rise: 30"/30" Tube/Floor Material: 840d/840d % Floor Wrap: Full No. D-Rings: 15 Frame Wear Patch: Yes

Inside Length:
Inside Beam:
Tube Diameter:
Load Capacity:
Person Capacity:
Recommended H.P:
Maximum H.P:
Air Chambers:


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Our Boat Videos

Watch our videos of our models as we explain how to set up and pack up as well as walking around the boat to explain each of its features.